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1 – What Do You Mean “Peace of Mind”?

DON”T Pop an Airbag!

Can a standard Test Light Pop an Airbag?

YES, A standard Test Light pulls enough current to trigger an airbag.  That does happen.  And when it does it can be expensive.  Some cars have been classified as totaled by the insurance company just because the airbag went off.   Airbag replacement can cost more than the car is worth.   When it goes off… It is also loud… It might just scare you to death.

It just sniffs the voltage

Sniffing is what the Smart Test Light does

Our Modern micro-circuitry is able to read this ultra small current (almost zero) and not only tell that voltage is present, but also tells you approximately how much voltage.  Read more in section 4 below.


Don't Put any load on the circuit

The 660 Smart Test Light has 12,000,000 ohms of resistance, therefore at 12 volt it only pulls 1 millionth of an amp.  That is essentually a zero load on the circuit..

There are MANY computer sensitive components on today’s modern vehicles, not just airbags.

What is Peace of Mind Worth?

This is very INEXPENSIVE Peace of Mind

It just might make your work a little more fun.

2 – What is So Great About Cordless?

Where is a Ground?

Why is my ground hiding from me?

Modern cars are covered in Plastic, paint and rubber.  But I need a metal grounding point.  What do I do?

CORDLESS comes to the rescue.  Your free hand can touch almost any surface to create an on-the-spot ground.  Saving hours hunting.


Fast and Convenient

Saves you a lot of Time and Hassle

Fits in your pocket without any wire or alligator clip.  You have it ready when you need  it.

3 – How Does it Work?

Your Free Hand Creates the Ground

One Hand on Ground... Point on Voltage

Touching any number of ground surfaces like rust, metallic paint, rubber seals etc. with your free hand establishes a ground point.  Touch the point of the Smart Test Light to a conductor, if voltage is present it will light brightly.


Can Sense Voltage Everywhere

Special Circuitry Makes it Possible

Voltage sensing circuitry is the reason the 660 Smart Test Light can use your free hand to convert almost any surface into a Ground surface.  If voltge is present it magically lights and lets you know approximately how much voltage is there.

4 – It CAN Tell the voltages

It Tests 4 to 48-volt

At 4 to 6-volt one LED comes on

There are high (above 6-volt)  and low (less than 6-volt) signal wires under the dash.  If you connect to a low signal wire, your installed device such as a brake controller will not work.

One LED indicates the Low range (less than 7-volt).  However, at 6-volt the Single LED will be a bit brighter than at 4.5 volt.

At 7-volt Both LEDs Come on

OVER 7-volt indicates the High Range

As you go above 7-volt the LEDs continue to increase in intensity.  As you get used to your
Smart Test Light you will soon be able to tell the approx. voltage by the intensity of the LEDs.

5 – It is a Continuity Tester also

First Do an Internal Battery Test

At 4 to 6-volt one LED comes on

First, do an internal battery test by holding the Smart Test Light body between your thumb and pointer finer of your right hand.  Your pointer finger is over the Yellow contact.  With your other hand pinch the point between your thumb and pointer finger.  If good, both LEDs will light brightly.

The Actual Continuity Test

Both LEDs come on when you are in the higher range

As you go above 7-volt the LEDs continue to increase in intensity.  As you get used to your
Smart Test Light you will soon be able to tell the approx voltage by the intensity of the LEDs.

6 – The Handy Finger Saver

Holds Wire Fast, Firm and Easy

Save Your Fingers

The Finger Saver has a vee-shaped groove that holds the wire in place for the very sharp stainless steel point to penetrate the wire insulation.

Modern vehicle wires are small and the insulation is hard.  That’s why you need a small, tough point so that it only leaves a very small hole.  Often times you are hard pressed to later find the hole.

Easily Removed for Terminals

Removable for Ease of Use

The Finger Saver is easy and fast to remove.

To remove the finger saver, simple hold the head between your thumb and pointer finger and with your other hand press on the back side of the thumb trigger.  It will pop right off.


7 – Misc. Points to Consider

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

The Smart Test Light has a Long Battery Life.  We did an in-house test where we connected the Smart Test Light to a computer operated Relay where it would test 12-volts for 1-second on then turn off for 1-second.

We ran that test for over 6 1/2 hours racking up 12,000 cycles.  The internal battery was still within the operating voltage.

Other Considerations

Other Things to Consider

  • No Moving Parts
  • Water Resistant – Good in wet weather
  • Drop Resistant – Stainless Steel Barrel
  • ONE Year Warranty
  • Every Surface is a Conductor – see Video