221-1 Pow-R-Mod




Retail $10.00 Part Number 221. Comes in set of 2, one for each side of towing vehicle.  The Pow-R-Mod 3-to-2 Light Converter pair is designed to convert a 3-light vehicle to a 2-light trailer.

Each installation requires 2 units, one for each side of towing vehicle. These are shipped in pairs. The Pow-R-Mod 2-to-1 Light Converter pair (Actually the 221 pair is a 3-to-2 converter in 2-parts) is designed to convert a 3-light vehicle to a 2-light trailer.  The 2-to-1 converter is similar to a 3-to-2 converter. Instead of 1 unit like a 3-to-2 converter, these are install one on each side of vehicle. In some cases these are easier and faster to install, like on certain vans.  Works great for vehicles pulling trailers with LED lights.

  • 5-amp per circuit
  • One for each side of vehicle
  • Works on 12 and 24-volt systems
  • Internal Metal Heat-sinks
  • Easy to install
  • No ground wire needed
  • Very cost-effective
  • 1-year warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

They are very simple to install.  There is one unit for each side of the vehicle.  One input goes on the turn signal, one input goes on the brake (doesn’t matter which one) and the output is a combined Brake and Turn signal for that side of the trailer.  Easy and Fast.

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