280-1 Battery Direct 20 amp converter




Battery-Direct 3-to-2 Tail-Light converter NO_LOAD with 4-flat 12-amp

Our Phantom Battery-Direct 12-amp per line Tail-Light Converter puts NO-LOAD (.00001 amp) on the Towing Vehicle light system.  With Built-in LED indicators.  The #280 comes with a 60 inch lead 4-flat connector .

The Phantom Battery-Direct converter just senses when current is applied to the towing vehicle signal lights but then supplies the power for the trailer signal lights directly from the battery.

The battery-direct phantom powers the Brake, Turn and Taillights directly from the battery, bypassing the Towing vehicle light wiring.  Because the power is direct from the battery, the trailer signal lights are also brighter.

The Trailer Signal lights are isolated from the Towing vehicle light system. This is critical as a lot of the new vehicles have circuit sensing that will trigger warning lights and sounds it more than the rated current is drawn for that circuit.

The Phantom Converter does not put a load on the Towing Vehicle signal light system as it gets the power needed for the trailer lights directly from the battery.

A dead short will not damage the Phantom.  A dead short may blow the lighting fuse in the Towing vehicle.  Replace the fuse in an event of a short and Phantom is ready to go to work.

The Phantom is necessary when there are more than 2-light assemblies per side and is equipped with multiple clearance or running lights.

Works with LED and incandescent lights. (Vehicle and Trailer)

The Phantom will not work with vehicles with Low-side Switching.