a202-1-grn Current Blocker


6 amp Current Blocker with Green output lead (Price is $2.75 each)



The purpose of this Dual-input Extra Heavy Duty Current Blocking Diode is to prevent electrical feedback and damage to the towed car’s and Motorhome’s electrical system when towing a vehicle behind a motorhome or another vehicle.  The electrical current is only permitted to flow in one direction. We have sold 1,000’s and never a bad unit in over 20 years.  These are made to last.

• 6-amp (200-amp peak surge) Heavy Duty
• 12 to 40-volt operation
• Internal Heat sink – operates cool
• Brighter output because of lower resistant circuit
• Water-proof encapsulation
• No push on spade clips which take extra time to install with no advantage
• Long lasting some operating 25 years already.
• 1-year warranty
• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
One of the big advantages of the Current Blocker is that it has 16-gauge wires already attached, making it easier and faster to do the wiring connections. No need to fuss with spade clips, etc. Generally, a full installation requires 3 or 4 of these Current Blocker units. All the units are the same. We offer them in 3 colors so that when installing in tight quarters you can quickly identify the outputs if needed. We offer these in Trio-Pak and Quad-Pak as well. We sell these individually and in bulk. Bulk normally comes 25 per bag. Let us know if you have questions 360-274-8323.