205 3rd Brake Light Adapter




Retail 19.00  Part Number 205. This 3rd Brake Light Module is normally used on vehicles with a standard 2-light system needing to provide power for a separate Brake Light such as on a canopy or topper.

  • 5-amp 12-volt output
  • 96-inch HD 16-gauge Red output lead
  • Separates out the Brake signal
  • 1-year warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed


OPERATION: On a 2-light system the Brake and Turn signal share the same filament on each side.  This unit separates out the brake signal.  When the turn signals alone are activated no signal goes through the 3rd-Brake Module.  At any point the brakes are applied (both filaments are on), the 3rd-Brake Module passes power to the 3rd-Brake light.  If one side is interrupted like when a turn signal turns off while the brake is still applied, the brake signal is STILL sent to the 3rd Brake Light.   Let us know if you have questions 360-274-8323.