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DC Wireless Light & Continuity Tester

Power Probe

It works “Like MAGIC…!”

“Every Surface” becomes a good ground with this Tester.

STOP Hunting for a ground to connect your Alligator Clip…

Finding a good Alligator-clipping ground is becoming an increasingly harder challenge on these newer vehicles because everything is either painted, plastic or rubber.  The old standard automotive electrical testers are just not practical for a professional.

You can use the Pemco-Wireless-Light Tester by simply touching your free hand to ground instead of attaching an alligator clip.  Even most painted-metal or most rubber surfaces work just fine. Your Wireless Tester will light and vibrate as your free-hand completes the testing circuit.

You can convert every surface to a good ground (painted metal, plastic, fiberglass or glass) by adding a couple sprays of “Instant Ground” (diluted car wash) to that surface next to the metal, then like Magic… “Every Surface” becomes an instant ground.  It’s Incredible!

The Pemco-Wireless-Tester is the answer to finding a ground quickly.  It is so easy to use and fits right in your pocket.


Two Modes of Use Your Wireless Tester

a. WIRELESS MODE, Your Free Hand touching Ground (The most common way to use)

You can use it as a totally Wireless Light Tester by simply touching your free hand to any grounding surface.  Even most painted metal or rubber surfaces work fine.

You can make every surface a ground, by adding a couple sprays of “Instant Ground” (diluted car wash) to any any surhace you want to use as ground.  This painted metal, plastic, glass or fiberglass surface should be located next to metal that connects with ground.  The film of the “Instant Ground” which is almost not detectable, provides the path to ground.  It is amazing.

b. SNAP-MAGNET MODE (when you don’t want to use your free hand to touch a ground surface.)

The snap-magnet mode is generally a bit more practical when you want both of your hands to be free to work with the wires and you only have to find one ground source for all the testing in that, often times, tight area.

You simply slip the 5-foot “Snap Magnet” connector onto your “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester handle, then place the snap-magnet on any steel surface… even most painted steel surfaces will work.  If the ground surface is too insulated just add a couple sprays of “Instant Ground” (very diluted car wash) around the snap-magnet area.  Now you have a very reliable ground connection for your Pemco Wireless Tester.
Snap Magnet Cable PNG

Snap-Magnet Mode is Easy and Speedy Fast to use

Just attach the 5-foot Snap-Magnet cable to the Stainless Steel handle.  It snaps in place easily.

The Snap-Magnet is very smooth.  It holds firmly to any steel surface, even if painted.  When you are ready to remove the snap-magnet it comes off easily.

Place the Snap-Magnet “near an edge” of the painted area if possible.

If you happen to have bare steel (connected to the vehicle frame) closed to where you are working, you can use that and then you will not need to add any “Instant Ground” Solution.

Spray a couple squirts of the “Instant Ground Solution” around the Snap magnet and towards the edge of the painted area.  This creates a very conductive film connecting the frame of the car and the Snap-Magnet which is connected to the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester.

Everything Now Becomes a Good Conductor!

Your “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester is now GROUNDED and ready to find voltage.

Designed for Automotive Voltages

The “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester is designed to work in the 4 to 32-volt DC range

IT TALKS TO YOU…  It “Lights” and “Vibrates”

The “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester is that it lets you know approximately what the voltage is you are testing.  It is reliable. It vibrates when voltage is present.  The LED’s let you know the voltage. (See next section.)

6 Volt Readout

When 6 volts is found the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester will Vibrate like a cell phone.

12 Volt Test

12 volt Readout

When 12 volts is found the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester will show ONE LED and the unit will also vibrate like a cell phone.

24 volt test

24 volt Readout

When 24 volts is found the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester will indicate TWO Leds and the tester will also vibrate like a cell phone.


The “Magic Ground” Wireless Testers is built for rugged everyday use.  Durable Electronics, Stainless steel barrel and a special engineered plastic formulated for amazing strength. This is an industrial tool. 

Probe Tester


The “Magic Ground” wireless Tester is so small it easily fits in your pocket, so you have it with you when you need it.

Probe Horizontal


There is a fast & easy built-in “Self Test” on the  “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester.  Just pinch the Self Test Contact and the top of the tester (Do Not touch the stainless Steel barrel during this Self Test as that activates the Voltage Test.)  With your other hand touch the point of the tester, you will get a 12-volt readout as it will be testing the 12-volt battery inside the tester itse

The “Self Test” features also makes it a Continuity Tester

Testing for continuity with the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester is quick and easy. Remove the part to be tested from the circuit, hold one point of contact with your free hand and with the other hand holding the wireless tester as shown with your finger touching the continuity contact on the bottom.  If there is continuity, the 12 volt LED will light and the tester will vibrate.

Lamp Continuity
Switch Continuity


  The “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester has a very high 10 Megohm impedance (10,000,000 ohms) resistance Which means you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching an airbag wire or computer circuit.   Another benefit of this very high impedance (12 megohm) is important in case you accidentally contact a 110 volt A/C line like on a motor-home.  This will not damage the Wireless Tester and it is very unlikely anyone could even slightly feel any small electrical shock.


This is an automotive DC Voltage tester…


30-day NO HASSLE return Policy

We are so convinced you will find the “Magic Ground” Wireless Tester a valuable tool that for any reason the Wireless Tester does not fit your needs, you can return it in 30 days for a Full no-hassle refund.  This is an incredible MUST-HAVE tool.

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